The United Arab Emirates is ruled by 7 families with
leadership by the ruling family of Abu Dhabi:

The Al Nahyan Family

H.R.H Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon al Nahyan


In the UAE, a foreign company must have a local Emirati sponsor that legally owns 51% of the UAE-based company. In real terms a sub-contract is signed whereby all powers lies solely with the foreign company and a fee-sharing structure is agreed between the parties (normally an initial sponsorship fee + a % of annual revenues). The initial fee depends on the strength of the chosen local partner, and the ability for him to open the right doors and motivate the decision-makers.

With regards to our Sheikh, one can hardly find a higher-ranking persona – that has access to all areas.

The Sheikhs Private Office seeks to understand the companies objectives and ambitions and lead them personally to the right people, at the highest level possible – in many cases government ministers and the heads of sectors of interest to the company. Perhaps more importantly is the natural motivation these people has, in working with a company personally sponsored by the Sheikh.

H.R.H. Sheikh Tahnoon bin Saeed bin Tahnoon al Nahyan and Private Office CEO H. E. Zulfiquar Ghadeyali.

Our approach

In a Royal Partnership Agreement, the Sheikh and his Private Office team has the final say in moving forward and signing a formal partnership agreement, with the corresponding Joint Venture company formation.

It is our job to ‘vet’ the company and its products/services beforehand, and take them through the steps that may lead to a Royal Partnership agreement.

That said: surely we have a lot of say in whether a company is ready and motivated enough to go to market in this type of set-up and therefore we have a defined process that has proven to be effective: